Houston woman who says deputies sexually assaulted her files complaint

An internal affairs division complaint was filed Thursday against the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. A Houston woman says during a traffic stop several deputies violated her, forcing her to take off her pants.

Charneshia Corley says she was going to the store to help her sick mother.  She says her life will never be the same. 

“It's hard going out and showing my face. This is embarrassing, it's degrading and it makes me feel weak,” Corley said.

21-year-old Corley says in June, Harris County deputies robbed her of her dignity and basic human rights.

“The first female officer sits on top of me while the other on the bottom part of me. They force their finger in me,” Corley said.

It happened at a Texaco gas station in North Harris County.  Corley says a deputy told her he smelled marijuana, handcuffed her and put her in his patrol car.  According to the officer report, they found no drugs in Corley’s car. Another female deputy ordered her out of the car and Corley was told to take off her pants.

“She pulls it down for me and says, 'Bend over.' And I'm like, 'There's people around. This is embarrassing.' She tells me, 'I don't care.' And she went to stick her hand in me,” Corley said.

Her attorney Sam Cammack says the search was unconstitutional.

“Our Court of Criminal Appeals says if you're going to do a manual body search it should be in sterile environment I've never heard such of a search like this being done on the side of the road in a Texaco station parking lot,” Cammack said.

He says even worse, “there were several officers involved and not one of the officers said ‘hey stop wait a second we're not supposed to be doing this,’” Cammack said.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office said Corley agreed to the search.  She says that’s a lie.

“I need justice. I need closure. I need to be able to wake up in the morning and feel good about myself because my confidence is low, my self-esteem is low. I can't even look at myself in the mirror because it hurts,” Corley said.

Next Harris County Sheriff’s Office will investigate.  Cammack says he just got video from that night that proves his client was sexually assaulted.