Houston woman says breast implants made her sick and she's not alone

"I would not wish this on my worst enemy in the world," said Eileen Kay.

In just a matter of months, Kay went from looking healthy to severely aged. She blames her breast implants.

"About six months later I realized I'm sleeping a little bit more," said Kay. "I was feeling inflamed muscle shirt I started getting a little bit sick but nothing that would stop you from doing your day to day activities."

As the months passed Kay said she only got worse.

Eileen Kay says her breast implants caused immune system problems for her. (FOX 26 Houston)

"I was positive I must be dying because all of these horrible symptoms it looked like cancer on the side of my breast I was getting rashes," said Kay. "I felt like I couldn't even walk downstairs muscles aching like the worst case of flu you ever had every day."

Kay says she was sleeping 16 hours a day.

"Nothing was getting better it was getting worse," Kay said.

"She came in complaining mostly of fatigue inflammation of her muscles and painful joints," said Dr. Charles Polsen Kay's plastic surgeon.

He says a small percentage of his patients have had similar problems with their breast implants.

Dr. Polsen says nothing is wrong with the implants themselves, but they can trigger autoimmune disorders in a small number of patients.

"I think the fact that it's still a foreign body in a small percentage of people their body reacts adversely to it," Polsen said.

Once Dr. Polsen removed Kay's implants she says all her health issues disappeared.

"For the patients that come in with the symptoms that she's had when I remove the implants they almost uniformly get better," said Polsen.