Houston teacher featured in The New York Times Magazine

A teacher is making Houston proud after he was highlighted in a national magazine, one of only seven educators featured.

If Max Bonilla's behavior doesn't tell you he's a standout teacher, then his students are happy to do just that.

"He's my very, very favorite teacher because he like, he blows my brain, because he's like, super smart," describes 7-year-old student Jaden.  

Mr. Bonilla teaches innovation to students in Kindergarten, first grade and second grade at KIPP Climb Academy in southeast Houston. He is featured in the September edition of The New York Times Magazine issue, which focuses on seven amazing teachers from throughout the U.S.

"It's very cool," says Bonilla. "It's an honor to be that, but it's almost unreal to me. It's like, whoa, I'm everywhere, in magazines and stuff."  

The exceptional educator says he believes he has such a connection with students because he strives to be the teacher he would have wanted when he was young.

"Think about the best teacher you've ever had and how that teacher made you feel every day and how excited you were to go to their class — be that teacher," explains Bonilla. He has been teaching since 2007.

"Mr. Bonilla is very much focused on the relationships with his students," says KIPP Climb Academy School Leader Lindsey Cabrera.

The New York Times Magazine article brings attention to his passion for teaching and his ability to get children to enjoy learning.   

Jaden is proof of that.

"I like to come here," adds Jaden. "I was like, I want to come here every single day."

As a child, Bonilla dreamed of being in a rock band, not becoming a teacher. But now that he is, he says he can't imagine doing anything else.

"Because this is the future," says Bonilla.