Houston shop owner creates 'Corona Cat' tool to prevent COVID-19 spread

Houston shop owner is creating a new tool to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Prince Customs on the East End usually creates custom auto parts, knives and tools.The owner who was born and raised in Houston came up with his idea for a problem-solving tool in April.

The “Corona Cat” is a copper tool that allows you to open doors, push buttons, turn faucets and more without having to touch any surfaces.


It also works on touch screens and has a tab for opening it.

Studies show that while the coronavirus can last for days on some surfaces -- it doesn't make it past four hours on copper.

The inventor Princeton Wong made it at the request of his parents who live in an elevator building where a neighbor tested positive for COVID-19.

“I saw a bunch of people were making these like these flat like one-piece cut out metal tools that they use to pull doors and like touch keypads and buttons and stuff like that, but my parents were actually looking for something a little bit like nicer looking,” says Wong. “I wanted this folding version so that at least the tip and the hook portion are covered up. Once you're done with it until either you can disinfect it, or let the copper do its thing with the anti-microbial nature of it.”

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The creator also says inspiration for part of the design came from the 1980’s “Thundercats” cartoon.

The Corona Cat starts at $150 with customization and engraving options.

He says the first few batches sold out as soon as he posted them online.

He's also coming out with a simpler version and donating part of the proceeds to help restaurant workers.

You can find the link to his shop at https://princecustoms.com/.