Houston ranked in top 10 cities to eat healthily, more than 80 healthy restaurants

Having a well-balanced diet is important for your health and luckily if you're in Houston, you're in a city that's top 10 for healthy eating.

According to a study in Mandoe with the top 25 cities with healthy restaurants, Houston came in sixth in cities with a number of healthy restaurants at 86.


The study took the number of healthy restaurants in each city, how they were rated by their customers, and how many choices each city provides. The cities were then ranked based on the results.

So from the number of restaurants in Houston, the average review rating is 4.4588. Austin is the only other Texas city ranked in the top 10 cities with healthy restaurants with 73 and a 4.435 review rating.

Phoenix has the highest review rating was 4.4891 with only 53 healthy restaurants. New York tops the list of healthy restaurants with 295.

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Nashville ranks 25 with the number of healthy restaurants at 42 and an average review rating of 4.3932

To read the full study in Mandoe, click here.