Houston protest aimed at ousting socialist president in Venezuela

HOUSTON (FOX 26) — "Venezuela is the poster child of the combination of the left of socialism and communism in the world," said Haydee Carvallo, a Venezuelan national living in Houston. But all that could be changing now that Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido has declared himself interim president.

"The driving force is the economy has gotten so bad with almost a million percent inflation that the people have just had enough," said Richard Sindelar, assistant professor of international studies at the University of St. Thomas.

The upheaval in Venezuela is being described as more of a political coup than a military coup.

"He's an ex-bus driver and there's a question about the strength of his military," said Sindelar. "After the drone attack, if you remember the video of his military like cockroaches trying to hide, so I think that too has inspired the opposition, we might be able to get them out if we put enough people in the streets."

Protesters took to the streets in Houston to show their support for the country's new leader.

"It's an emotion we cannot describe because this has been the result of years and years of hard work, knocking on so many doors, never giving up," added Carvallo. "This is a dream come true. This is what we've fought for, justice and democracy."

President Donald Trump has formally recognized the interim president as the new leader of Venezuela.