Houston police arrest man for allegedly murdering his wife

A Houston man has been charged with capital murder after his estranged wife went missing earlier this month.

Texas Eqqusearch put out flyers that Houston mother Jennifer Sanchez, 39, had gone missing on September 7th. Saturday Houston Police Department officials released information that Joey Leos Sanchez, 44, her estranged husband, was retaliating against Jennifer. Police say he knowing killed her in what they are calling "an unknown manner" with "an unknown object".

Jackie Nichols has lived down the street from Joey Sanchez for quite some time and says the street has been full of police cars and search dress this week and that her thoughts are will both families during this time. “Hard for both sides of the family really I mean nobody wants to see their kids harmed in anyway and I mean I know they’re hurting and shocked if he actually did do it I don’t know if they have the actual proof so I can’t say whether and of course for any family that lost their daughter are you can do is pray for them for comfort it’s a touchy situation besides”, says Jackie Nichols.

Jennifer Sanchez was last seen wearing black leggings, a dark colored t-shirt and flip flops. Police say she is Hispanic with light complected skin and dark hair with highlights. She also has several of her kids names tattooed on her, as well as a Hello Kitty on her inner right wrist.

Know anything? Call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

Police also say Sanchez's bond was denied.