Houston personal trainer rents out garage gym during COVID-19 crisis

Texas Gyms are allowed to reopen Monday, but if you’re not looking forward to sharing your workout space with others, Core Theory Fitness may have the solution.

Personal trainer April Coker uses her garage gym for coaching clients, but she says it's sitting unused for most of the day.

“One thing I started thinking about was my dad with leukemia,” says Coker. “He’s scared to go back to a gym, but he needs the exercise.” 

Coker also knew the reopening of local fitness centers would come with reservations.

“Capacity is going to be limited. Is it safe? How many times are you going to use a piece of equipment that someone just touched?” she asks.

Since May 1, she's been opening her home gym for private rentals by the hour.

Masks are optional, and each sweat session can include one friend or family member. 

Guests leave out the equipment they’ve used instead of putting it back, and April ends each booking with a full spray-down, from cardio machines to the floor.

She says she uses CDC-approved cleaners to saturate the equipment, and so far the response from prospects and clients has been more than she expected.

"Overwhelming!" describes Coker. “I need help with all the emails and phone calls.”

She’s also packing on additional amenities that are non-existent at larger facilities.

“I’m a dog person,” she says. “I’ve been letting people bring their dog if they want. They clean up after them, and we clean the floor.”

She says her gym is for all fitness levels. She’s also considering adding more spaces and training packages in the future. 

“People can utilize a really great way to have a good workout, an efficient workout, and safe.”

In the meantime, Coker hopes that being able to privately pump iron helps people feel comfortable getting back in their gym routines, even if they’re doing it alone.

For more information, visit https://www.coretheoryfitness.com/rent-the-gym