Houston pastor launches outcry against spike in crime

While Reverend Willie Davis has pastored in his hometown of Houston for much of his adult life, the crime that he’s been seeing here lately reminds him of four turbulent years he spent ministering on the Southside of Chicago.

“In Chicago, you know what their complaint is? When they arrest these guys for these shootings, they let them go. The same we are doing right here. What’s happening in Cook County is now happening in Harris County and for any of us to turn our heads is ridiculous,” said Davis, Pastor of the Palm Church.

And so Pastor Davis is speaking out against the so-called progressive criminal court judges who’ve granted bond to hundreds of violent, repeat, felony offenders.

Breaking Bond: Murder suspect free on multiple felony bonds, charged with another violent crime

A 39-year-old man accused of murder while out on multiple felony bonds is charged with yet another violent crime.

“When you are letting murderers out, people who are armed robbing and carjacking people and doing bodily harm as well as killing people, what kind of representation is that?” said Davis.

As homicide and other criminal activity continue to spike, Davis warns of an eventual exodus of both businesses and residents, if the community fails to demand from City and County leaders decisive action against those who break the law.

“Many people in this City are not going to take this crime thing serious until it comes on their door, knocks on their door, it enters their family and then we are going to hear it,” said Davis,

Pastor Davis’s outcry comes as Crime Stoppers released a troubling number – of 69 people allegedly killed by defendants out on bond, 51 were Houstonians of color.

Nearly 70 people in Harris Co. have been killed by someone free on felony bonds

248th Criminal District Court Judge Hillary Unger has let a number of convicted felons out on bond in Harris County - This time it was costly.