Houston mayoral candidates Sylvester Turner and Tony Buzbee will go to run-off election on Dec. 14

There were 12 Houston mayoral candidates and now we're down to just two heading into the runoff election: Incumbent Sylvester Turner and Tony Buzbee.

Ninety-nine percent of precincts are now reporting, showing Turner with 47 percent of the vote and Buzbee with 29 percent of the vote.

The mayor is the executive officer, chief administrator, and official representative responsible for Houston's general management. They see that all laws are enforced, make administrative appointments, preside over city council, advise on the city's finances, and propose the annual budget.

Below is a quick look at each candidate.

Tony Buzbee

Toby Buzbee is an acclaimed trial lawyer in Houston.
He says he wants to end corruption and address the firefighters' pay parity.
When it comes to flooding, Buzbee proposes a multi-front strategy of more retention and an end to the diversion of millions of local drainage dollars to fund other functions of the City.

Sylvester Turner

The incumbent Mayor Sylvester Turner is looking to further the city's economic development. He's got projects in transportation and flood prevention.
As far as his work in the last four years as mayor, Turner points to cutting the pension issue in half, balancing the budget, working in under-served communities and bringing on 200 more police officers.

The run-off election is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 14, 2019