Houston man shot dead after robbery

Outside of Garcia's Tires & Wheels family and friends mourn the loss of Bobby Garcia, 38. He owned the shop and once everyone found out what happened they came to comfort his wife Jennifer Hernandez. "I just don't understand why they had to take him from me", says Hernandez.

The couple had been together for many years and had two children together. "They are barely starting to grow up, they need their daddy to tell them what's right and wrong and be there with them", says Hernandez.

At about 3 p.m. Monday, police got the call of a shooting at the Shell gas station at Fuqua and Almeda. At the time the store owner had just pulled up and begun unloading items from his car. He left the trunk open while he went inside. Two African American men pulled up in a light blue Chrysler 200 and police say began stealing items from inside the car.

"A customer inside went outside and tried to intervene with the theft, that customer was shot by one of the suspects, both suspects got back in their Chrysler 200 and fled the scene", says Sergeant Nathan Rosenblatt.

We are told that customer was Bobby Garcia. He was transported to Ben Taub where he was pronounced dead.

Police also say the owner of the gas station was grazed with a bullet and transported to West Memorial Hospital.

"You know I feel bad for him and his family, says Ibn Hagler who was out at the scene.

"It's still unreal how this happened, I told his wife when she was talking about how she don't know how she is going to do it, you got family and friends, she has support so if she needs anything, we are here for her", says Robert Felix, a family friend.

Hernandez says she just wants police to find who did this. "Let my husband get justice, but my kids, my kids, they needed their dad", says Hernandez.

Police also say a witness who was across the street at McDonald's attempted to follow the suspects.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIP.