Houston man says he found mysterious object in soda can

Many people are familiar with the blue and green lemon-lime soda that's called Sprite. However, Marcus Banks says he found something unrecognizable inside his soda on Wednesday night.

"We were drinking and having a conversation and towards like the middle end of this Sprite like I took a sip and then that whatever that is came in my mouth," Bank says. "My girlfriend, she looked at me and she was like 'are you okay' and you know I can't say anything because I had a mouthful of Sprite so I rushed over to the sink and I spit it out and whatever that is was right there."

"He was like this was just in my Sprite and I said 'what is it' and I'm telling him to open his mouth let me see if anything is missing, nothings missing so I'm like I don't know what that is," says Shavonda Pittman.

Banks says at first he thought it was a tooth, but now he's not certain what it possibly is. So he contacted the company that produces the beverage. Banks reads his email from Coca-Cola Company that says, "thank you for contacting the Coca-Cola Company Mr. Banks, we appreciate your loyalty to Sprite and we are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you."

The company also sent FOX 26 News the following statement:

We are committed to ensuring our products meet the highest quality and safety standards at all times. We are looking into this situation to understand the facts.

Morris Smith
Sr. Manager Public Affairs and Communications
Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages