Houston Korean American community donates children's face masks

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the Houston Korean American community has taken on the task to make masks for those in need.

More than 3,500 mask have been made, and now they’re pivoting their efforts towards keeping children and their families safe, making masks to specifically fit a child’s face

“We realized that we had a resource, which was people, men and women who can sew,” says volunteer Susan Jhin.

So far, the masks have helped hospitals, healthcare organizations, essential workers and nursing homes. 

The children’s masks will go to help underserved families in Houston, families that share one mask for everyone to use. It’s the sad reality that community-based programs like Homemade Hope are seeing. 

The masks will also be donated to help schools within underserved communities. 

“Our policy is that 70 percent of our kids will come from underserved families and then the other 30 percent are families who have resources,” says Harbor Christian Academy Principal Roosevelt Wilson.

Harbor Christian Academy is a Pre-K through 4th grade school in the Fifth Ward, a very special school helping the less fortunate receive a faith-based education.

As school is set to start for them on September 8, Principal Roosevelt says it’s important for children to establish a routine with the masks. 

Each mask has been handmade, sized for a child’s face and made with a cute design.