Houston firefighters walk streets to talk about Prop B

Walking up and down the streets in The Heights, Houston firefighters knocked on as many doors as they could, asking residents to vote yes on Proposition B.

Marty Lancton, president of the Houston Professional Firefighters Association says, “we ask the citizens out there that have not voted to support Houston firefighters and vote yes for proposition B”.

“I agree with them coming out going door to door to help with that and also at the voting booth yesterday I saw them, I appreciate the effort”, says Stephen Sullivan, after several firefighters came up to his door.

Mayor Sylvester Turner however, has made multiple public comments, advising folks to vote no and adding it would cost tax payers more than $100 million dollars extra per year. Mayor Turner says, "you can love the firefighters still say no to proposition B and the 9.5% pay raise remains on the table”.