Houston churches helps bridge digital divide for some HISD students

Eight school districts are heading back to class tomorrow and they include some of the largest ones in the state. 

For Gary Jones, a teacher with Cypress Fairbanks ISD, he’s not quite ready for in-person instruction.

Students who opted will be back in class tomorrow. 


“This was a really long weekend to just kind of think, today is a holiday we are supposed to be relaxing. But if I can speak for most teachers they are dreading tomorrow,” says Jones. 

Houston ISD students will begin virtual classes in six weeks with in-person learning to start on Oct. 19th. 

Some parents are concerned their child may fall behind during the weeks spent virtual learning. Some parents don't have the proper equipment for virtual learning in their homes.

“There is a digital divide that is taking place in our community," says Rev. Ed Jones from Trinity United. 

10 United Methodist churches are patterning up with HISD to provide a safe space for students to gather.

Reverend Jones says this space will provide a supportive and caring environment.

“Staff and volunteers would ensure that their virtual learning takes place. We’ll have lunch and breakfast. In a safe, secure environment," Rev. Jones said.

Rev. Jones is urging parents to make sure their child is properly registered. 

The church provides the space, volunteers, and WIFI while HISD provides the crossing guards and meals.