Houston bounty hunter out of business

A Houston bounty hunter is officially out of business after Harris county prosecutors say he went too far.

In exclusive video obtained by FOX 26 News, 42 year old Jessie Soto is seen firing his gun at a fleeing suspect in the parking lot of a local target. Soto told prosecutors the suspect he was chasing tried to run him over and had a gun. Harris county assistant district attorney Britney Jackson says that wasn't true. Soto was charged and convicted of disorderly conduct. Jackson says this should send a message to bounty hunters about public safety and following the rules.

We had a chance to speak with Mr. Soto by phone who says he has a full video of the 2013 incident but he is selling it for $5,000. In the meantime, he stands by his position that he fired the gun because he was in fear of his life and the fleeing suspect did have a gun.

We offered Soto an invitation to share his side of the story on fox and he said he would get back with us next week.