Houston-area jesuit students excited for Pope's visit

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When Pope Francis visits Philadelphia next week, tens of thousands of Catholics from around the country will be there hoping to see the Pontiff in person, and be blessed.

Among the faithful are a dozen students from two Houston Jesuit high schools.

They are being hosted by Saint Joseph's in Philadelphia along with hundreds of other jesuits from the north America.

"It's going to be awesome," says Colton Marks, who goes to Strake Jesuit.

The teens are excited be among more than a million people who see the Pope in Philadelphia next week.

"For me it’ll probably be like 'Whoa! Oh my god! I can’t believe he’s [the Pope] here!," says Luke Dorman, who goes to Strake Jesuit.

But these fortunate students are also eager to put their faith in motion.

"I'm excited to hear him, hear his mission for us, because he reaches out a lot to children and kids," says Ashley Rivera. "How he hopes - he wants us to be the change. And I think he’s reaching out to the right crowd. Because we’re the future, we can change everything. We can change not only our life but for the generations to come."

The Pope’s visit is part of the church’s World Meeting of Families, so these kids from Cristo Rey and Strake Jesuit will listen closely for things they can bring back to their homes, and apply to their own families in the future.

"Being a part of someone’s family - and we’re all a part of the family with God; we’re all God’s children we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ - it’s just a really good bond to have," says Marks.