Houston-area church has fed about 200 people daily since pandemic began

One Houston-area church has been handing out meals to roughly 200 people every day since the pandemic hit. 

"The scriptures tell us to take care of the faint-hearted, help the weak, and feed those that are hungry," said Pastor Paul Cannings with Living Word Fellowship Church.

The line of cars like the need it represents seems endless.

"There's nobody blowing horns or angry," said Cannings. "We all need each other to make this thing work."

It's one of those hot August days that feels like it's 102 in the shade.


"There's a lot of committed passionate people that want to let this community know that Christ loves them and Christ cares for them even though he's allowed this he has the means to sustain them," Cannings said.

"This has not let up," said Pastor Alan Boutte with Living Word Fellowship Church. "In fact, if we don't stop the line or run out of food then basically this line will continue."

Since the pandemic began last March the church congregation at 7350 T.C. Jester every Monday through Thursday feeding those who need a helping hand.

"About 2000 people a month," said Cannings. "Thanks to the Food Bank the help we receive from them and our church we've been able to take care of the community."


Boutte compares the pandemic to the Titanic before the ship went down people were separated by classes.

"That water made them come together. This pandemic has made us come together to help one another," he said. "We're not worried about who you are we're just trying to get it done."

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