Houston area animal adoption up during COVID-19 stay-at-home order

The coronavirus outbreak has turned out to be beneficial for stray pets in need of a home. Some shelters are reporting an uptick in adoptions as many humans are spending more time in their home and taking the opportunity to add a furry new friend to the mix.

In Fort Bend County where Texas’ coronavirus outbreak began, people are not out pet shopping. They’re staying home. So the animal shelter has had to come up with creative ways to find homes for their stray pets, and it has turned out to work very well.

“With the community stepping up, all of these cages are normally full,” said Rene Vasquez, director of Fort Bend County Animal Services, pointing out empty kennels.

He says the shelter has adopted or fostered out most of their animals in less than a month.

“At any given time we could probably house close to 200 dogs, and here we are now with maybe 25 to 28 dogs that are available for foster or adoption at this time,” said Vasquez.

With most people staying at home in the past month, the shelter implemented something they’re calling “Dog Dash:” If you see a pet you like on the Fort Bend County Animal Services Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/FortBendAnimalServices/), an animal control officer will deliver it to your door. They’re also doing curbside pet pickup for people who do go to the shelter.

“We’ve had 131 fosters since March 15,” said Vasquez.
Of those fosters he says at least 30 of them have turned into permanent adoptions.

“We’re hoping that other people come forward, fall in love with their pet and become foster failures,” said Vasquez.

The shelter is trying to minimize its intake during the coronavirus outbreak, but they are still taking in stray pets while others still wait for homes, so anyone who is able to foster or adopt is greatly appreciated.