Horse Thru! Woman rides her horse through Wendy's drive-thru

After Pennsylvania resident Marcella ‘Marcy’ Gruchalak, her horse Buns, and her friend Shelly Smith attended a Children’s Hospital fundraiser in Pittsburgh on January 20, Gruchalak decided to ride Buns through a Wendy’s drive-thru in Fox Chapel.

"You don't see this every day in the city," said Marcy.

Smith shot this video of Gruchalak as she ordered a Frosty frozen dessert. Smith told Storyful that Buns, who has his own Facebook page, was a big part of the fundraiser’s appeal, and that riding a horse through a drive-thru had been on Marcy’s bucket list.

Smith and Gruchalak told the restaurant workers in advance that the horse was going to use the drive-thru, and said they delighted in taking part in the joke. "What do you think, Buns? You got a Frosty!"