Homeowner shoots and kills man during robbery: HPD

Houston police are investigating a shooting inside a southwest Houston home that left a robbery suspect dead. According to the owner of the home, he was by himself doing work inside the garage when another man came inside and pulled two handguns on him.

Erik Rossow with Houston Police Homicide Division tells FOX 26, “He stated to us in the police, during the 911 call I imagine, that he was inside his garage, listening to music when he was approached.”

Around 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, Houston police received the call about a shooting on 5822 Ludington Drive. The homeowner says the suspect pulled out two guns in an attempt to rob him. 

“There was a fight that ensued inside the garage area, and the complainant was able to grab the gun from the suspect," said Rossow.

The homeowner then shot multiple times at the would-be robber, hitting him in the chest. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Multiple shell casings were found inside the garage, but it raises some questions.

Rossow says, “This is two different calibers out there. We don’t know who shot first or anything like that, we are still investigating that."

Both guns were recovered and the homeowner was taken downtown for more questioning. Lieutenant Larry Crowson with HPD tells us, “Normally in this type of incident we collect all of the information, contact the district attorney. Normally it’s referred to the district attorney's office, and then they refer it to the grand jury, grand jury will make a decision on whether it was a justified shooting or not.”

Investigators are also looking into if the men knew each other. They are also interested in locating the driver of the car that they believe the suspect was in: A white and black Crown Victoria. If you have any information about that driver whereabouts, you’re encouraged to contact Houston police.