Homeless man rescued after crashed car lands on top of him

Seven people were injured in an overnight crash, after a car jumped the curb last night near Fannin and Pierce.  One homeless man was transported to the hospital with serious injuries after the car landed right on top of him.  A few good samaritans, including a man named Justin Jones rushed to the rescue right in time and pulled the homeless man to safety.  

The accident occurred at around 11:30pm Monday night.  HFD officials say they responded to a reported crash at the intersection of Fannin and Pierce. Firefighters then found 7 patients needing transport to the hospital in different conditions.  Only two cars were involved in the crash--and one driver reportedly ran a red light. 

According to witnesses, a man who was sleeping in a sleeping bag at a homeless camp downtown.  He reportedly awakened to find a car on top of him.  

A friend of his who saw the crash said, "He was underneath the car.  They busted his head open."   Justin Jones, the good samaritan who saved the man said, "So, It's like four people actually pushing the car off of the gentleman."  There has not been an update on the condition of the homeless man who was seriously injured. 

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