Home surveillance cameras capture Dallas couple being robbed at gunpoint

Dallas police took six teens into custody for committing at least four robberies Sunday morning -- including robbing a couple at gunpoint who were out walking their dog.

The couple was out walking their dog just after midnight Sunday morning near the Bishop Arts District. A neighbor’s surveillance camera captured this video of three boys approaching them with guns drawn, yelling, “Give me your wallet! Give me your phone!”

Another neighbor’s surveillance camera captured audio, on which you hear the husband, Garrett Scharton, saying, “Take whatever you want,” while his wife, Caroline, screams.

Three boys, with at least two guns drawn, knocked off Garrett's glasses as he jumped on top of his wife to protect her from any potential injury. The only thing of value that they had on them was an iPhone, which they handed over.

Once the group gets back in the car and leaves, Dixie runs to their side. Within about an hour, Mesquite police say they caught up with the suspect vehicle and got into a short chase with the suspects before arresting the minors and turning them back over to Dallas police.

"I thought in that moment I was going to lose everything I care about so, yeah, that's what I'm feeling,” said Scharton.

Mesquite police say the car the minors were in was also stolen, but would not provide specific details on that crime because it happened in Dallas. Mesquite police were able to recover the stolen phone, which will be returned to the couple.

The Schartons moved into their town home on Stephens Bluff Lane about a year ago. They now say they will either move, or require that the neighborhood be gated.

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