Holes found at San Jacinto River waste pits could lead to Dioxin leak

The  EPA confirms new holes have been discovered in the protective cap designed to keep tons of dioxin waste  out of the San Jacinto river, at the super fund site known as the San Jacinto river waste  pits in east Harris County. These exclusive pictures show the area where inspectors found five locations where the cancer-causing dioxin could escape.

In December, inspectors located a breach in the dump's Protective cap about the size of a small two story house.

The companies responsible for the dioxin claim it can be safely stored at its current location,despite the ongoing risk of hurricanes, and floods.

A local activist and the Harris County Attorney say these leaks prove the cap doesn't work and the dump is an ongoing danger  to public health.

Jackie Young, San Jacinto River Coalition: “The containment structure is not a long term solution. It is not going to withstand  and has not withstood natural forces along the San Jacinto river.”

Terrence O’Rourke, Harris County Attorney’s Office: “It is preposterous that we have a toxic waste dump in the middle of a river in the center of one of the  largest metropolitan areas in the United States. We know that there will be a hurricane here and it will rip the dioxin out and it will be in your backyard, it will be in your well. “

The County Attorney’s office and activists have demanded the waste be dug up and hauled away to a safer location. The EPA has promised a final decision by year's end.