HISD teacher under investigation for anti-Muslim tweets

A teacher from Sterling Aviation High School is under investigation by HISD for a series of anti-Muslim tweets. James Bretney is a 9th grade vocational instructor at the high school and admits to tweeting a series of anti-Islam messages, including "I hate Islam" and "Embrace Islam and you embrace death."

"Islam is bad for people. It deforms people's human spirit," said Bretney.

He said his tweets came from an argument on Twitter with a Muslim American attorney.

"I respect my students. I love my students. My students are the reason I am in that classroom but this is not about that. This is about one man expressing his opinion," said Bretney.

The Council on American Islamic relations is now calling for a meeting with HISD officials to discuss this teacher, seeing a teacher who has expressed hatred can create a hostile environment for Muslim students.

"It's not part of this country to look at people from a certain racial or religious background and just make these assumptions that they're bad people and to express that message again for students to hear that...it's unconscionable," Ruth Nasrullah, the CAIR-Houston Communications Coordinator.

HISD officials told Fox 26 they are aware and investigating.