HISD staffers caught on camera dancing, dressed provocatively during holiday party

An investigation is underway at an HISD school after video surfaced showing staff members dancing while dressed provocatively on campus. Although it happened after hours, for a staff holiday party, the video isn’t sitting well with parents.

We spoke with a top administrative source at James Madison High School that the event was designed as a “team-building exercise” where the staff was encouraged to be “creative.” Parents were shocked by the video, but were more upset that an event like that took place behind school doors. It was supposed to be a staff holiday luncheon, where some took part in a fashion show, but you will see moves usually reserved for a strip club, not the runway. We showed parents the video that has been circulating on social media.

“Oh wow, I didn’t know anything about this. I’ve… It wasn’t even, wow I’ve never seen this,“ says Eric Johnson.

Tonga Williams was at a loss for words when we showed her the video. After some thought, she told FOX 26, “I’m glad they waited until the kids were off of campus, but I think that just for moral and taste, you don’t do that at the school.”

The event took place after school let out on Dec. 19, and it is important to note that students were not present. Some of the outfits left little to the imagination. You can also see on the video some other staff members throwing what appears to be cash in the air. A source who was present at the event tells FOX 26 some staff members felt it went too far, and many in the room were “shocked.”

Madison High School gained national attention a few months ago when its principal, Carlotta Outley Brown, implemented a dress code for parents coming to the school. Some parents, like Johnson, felt what they saw in the video shows a double standard.

“We can’t go in there a certain way, so it should be the same thing with the teachers and the staff should be taken the same way,“ someone said.

 We asked if they felt those involved should face disciplinary action. Everyone we spoke with agreed that would be harsh.

“As far as going someone losing their job, no. No one should lose their job, but definitely something should be done about you can’t throw parties, and wear lingerie at a school something. You know, that’s inappropriate, period," said Williams.

HISD released this statement:    

"HISD is investigating allegations of inappropriate conduct during an event at Madison High School. Due to the fact this matter involves personnel issues, the district has no further comment.”

We will be sure to keep you updated as this story develops.