Hillary's right hand man stops in Houston

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Democratic Vice President Candidate Tim Kaine spoke at a rally in downtown Houston, Friday. 

He spoke about many campaign issues including immigration and Trump's views of America.

 “Crippled America, first that phrase needs to be punted back to the 18th Century, right, that’s not the way we talk, but it’s his vision for who we are," said Kaine.

He also discussed Trump's views of the military.

"He trashes the military, he says the American military is a disaster, he makes fun of John McCain because he was a prisoner of war," said Kaine.

Finally, he highlighted Trump's attitudes towards women and minorities, particularly Hispanic and Latino communities.

“We are not the ticket that goes after somebody and says Mexicans are rapists and criminals, that’s not us, or go after a Federal judge because his parents were Mexican Americans or says those negative things about women  that I don’t even want to repeat or says that Muslims should be treated as second class because of how they chose to worship," said Kaine.

“We appreciate the respect he’s giving to us Latinos in Houston, said one supporter, later adding, "the way that he talks about us Latino’s is unacceptable, that would be a terrible thing if he gets elected.”

Another supporter says the Clinton campaign has inspired her.

‘I came to this country as an immigrant, my parents brought me here, I went to school I got my doctorate here, what country can you go, which country would provide for your children or believe in what you stand for. That’s what Hillary stands for. What does Mr. Trump stand for, stand in his tower and look down on us.”