High-quality home surveillance video helped family catch criminal

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Home and business surveillance video cameras are becoming more popular across the country and more prevalent in the media.

Here in Houston, HPD said surveillance video systems are one of the best tools in helping catch a suspect.
Rind Doorbell Video is just one recent form of high quality video surveillance systems that a couple in Houston was able to use to search for a suspect that entered their home.

“It captured a crystal clear image of one of the guys,” said Adam Ross. “At least we know who it was and what to look for.”

Adam Ross and his wife, Elizabeth, recently experienced every homeowners nightmare; their home was broken into while they were sleeping. Fortunately, when the Ross' made it clear to the burglars they were home, they ran away. Their new video system caught the face of one suspects at the front door.

“The light was on, so if he didn’t know what that was or if he did know what that was, I mean he couldn’t hide from it.”

Another resident nearby has the same Ring Video Doorbell and caught the same man trying to enter his home.

“The guy had the same movements, had gloves on, kind of put his gloves on as he’s about to touch the handle.”

Ross said one of his neighbors also has surveillance video but it was unable to pick up any details of the suspect or their vehicle. But, now there are systems that allow residents like Ross to record what’s happening on their phone and share it with police. 

HPD is still in search for this particular suspect so if you have any information call Crimestoppers. According to Home Ddvisor, the average resident spends between $800-$2000 a year for video surveillance similar to Ring Video Doorbell.