HAVE YOU SEEN HIM? Veteran disappears from League City home without a trace

The desperate search continues in League City for a missing United States Iraq War veteran.

Aaron Balaban, 36, was last seen at home on February 10.

According to his parents, Balaban had been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“He didn’t understand why other people he served with might be okay,” said Laura Balaban, the veteran’s mother. “He didn’t feel like he was handling it okay. It was an embarrassment to him.”

Balaban is a father of two boys but had been staying with his parents.

His father, Paul, says Aaron had a court date for a misdemeanor charge scheduled for the day after he disappeared.

“He didn’t take anything with him,” said Laura Balaban. “I love him. I just want to know if he’s okay.”

Both parents say it’s unusual for Balaban to leave without warning.

“If I look at his history, he hasn’t taken any money out of his bank account,” said Laura. “So, that’s really worrisome to me.”

EquuSearch suspended their efforts this past weekend after canvassing nearby streets and neighborhoods.

“Your mind goes to the worst of course,” said Paul. “Especially, since the way that he left is totally out of character.”

According to Paul and Laura, their son was likely wearing a green jacket and blue jeans when he left their home.

If you know anything about Balaban’s disappearance you’re urged to call the police.

“Just let us know,” said Paul. “He needs help.”