Harris County's oldest foster grandparent turns 90-years-old

We may be in the middle of a pandemic but in this Positively Houston one group has found a way to honor a woman who is worthy of being celebrated.

Grandma Gaston, as she's called, is turning 90 years old but she's also the oldest foster grandparent in Harris County. So there are certainly plenty of reasons for a party. "Whoo yaaay 90 years old,” a group of ladies call out as they dance around. With her front yard all decked out in decorations and Grandma Gaston herself topped off with a tiara and a bedazzled face mask the party is just getting started.


"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday,” the ladies sing.

Corine Sadler Gaston is the oldest in the Harris County Foster Grandparent program. So when word got out that Mrs. Gaston was turning 90 all the people who love her said it would take more than a pandemic to keep them from celebrating. In fact, a whole line of cars plastered with birthday messages stretched down her street, honking, waving and singing to Mrs. Gaston.

"Mrs. Gaston deserves all the celebration in the world. She has a sweet soul and she has so much energy for anybody, let alone someone who just turned 90,” smiles Marissa Moschetta the Project Director of the Harris County Foster Grandparent Program. 

"My mother lived to be 93 so I want to surpass her,” says Gaston.

As a foster grandparent Grandma Gaston has spent the last several years going to Atherton Elementary where she's more than a mentor to the students and the kids? They mean the world to her. "Oh yes. Oh yes. I just love them. I love ‘em,” she smiles.  

“Love you a bunch. Hello. Hello,” Gaston smiles and waves as her birthday partygoers stream by in their cars.

"She helps the kids read, helps them learn how to write and is just that helpful person that kids can rely on,” adds Moschetta.

I'm told all of the smiling and happiness the big bash brought to so many people, is the same joy Grandma Gaston brings to children.

Now, this priceless party is her gift in return.

"I wouldn't trade it for a million dollars. It's worth a million dollars to me,” smiles Gaston.

Grandma Gaston, of course, can't volunteer at the school right now because of COVID19. She says she can't wait to get back in the building to see her kids and the 90-year-old foster grandmother doesn't plan to ditch that title anytime soon.

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