Harris County leaders follow city officials lead and ban sex robot brothels

Earlier this month, city officials blocked a proposed sex robot brothel from opening in Houston. Now county leaders are following suit.

“This is an effort by the county to make sure the unincorporated areas of Harris County are not taken advantage of by these sexually oriented businesses or become places for these robots to be utilized that can detract from the quality of life in every community in Harris County,” said Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan.

All the talk about sex robot brothels follows a Canadian company’s plan to open a Houston location.

That company operates an adult love doll rent before you buy service.

That Toronto-based company sells and rents human like dolls that can cost more than $3,000.

Houston residents we talked to had mixed feelings about businesses that charge patrons for having sex with a device that resembles a human.

“This isn’t something we would allow with human beings, it’s not something we allow in the same way because it’s very demoralizing to women,” said Jolene Tollett.

“We’re open for business whatever brings business into town that’s what we go for no problems at that end,” said Sergio Antoni.

“Would you rather have the real thing or a fake thing? Might as well have people go for the fake instead of spending time and wasting money on real live women that might be getting enslaved or who knows what,” said Sara Antoni.

The revised county regulations will require all sexually oriented businesses to post a sign containing educational information regarding human trafficking that must include the National Human Trafficking Hotline.