Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg claims victory over Mary Nan Huffman

Democratic Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg has defeated Republican challenger Mary Nan Huffman on Tuesday night.

Early voting numbers showed Ogg in the lead which she maintained throughout Election Night.

Ogg, who has thirty years of criminal justice, was elected by a margin of more than 100,000 votes in 2016. She ran on a platform of criminal justice reform.

Harris County District Attorney working on restitution for crime victims

Many area crime victims have never seen the money that was supposed to be paid to them. In fact, in January of 2017 $3-million dollars in restitution was forfeited to the state instead.

In the last four years, she advanced major drug policy and bail reform. She also indicted and prosecuted police officers for misconduct, a major point of her 2020 platform.

Ogg's GOP challenger Huffman works as an attorney for the Houston Police Officers Union, and had the support of several area law enforcement unions and organizations.

Huffman had also worked as a prosecutor in Montgomery County.