Halfway there for to-go beer & wine, earlier beer/wine sales on Sundays

HOUSTON (FOX 26) — Craft beer drinkers, get your growlers ready! Grabbing your favorite pint to-go could soon become a reality in the Lone Star State. Not only that, Texans could also be allowed to buy beer and wine earlier on Sundays.

Both expansions are amendments to a broader bill involving Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission operations that is now being considered in the Texas Legislature.

House Bill 1545, authored by Republican State Rep. Chris Paddie from Marshall, was approved by the Texas House on Friday.

Customers across the board were excited.

"It’s kinda like an outdated law," said Todd Moore. "It doesn’t really apply anymore.”

That means your favorite local brews from hotspots like Saint Arnold Brewing Company can maintain that fresh from the tap taste, even when you’re at home.

"I prefer it because it’s from the tap," said Colleen Boyd. "It’s like fresh from the source.”

"Since we’re the only state that doesn’t do it, we should be able to," said Ira Kinard, a manager at Saint Arnold Brewing Company. "I think it would just add to the experience for people if they could bring home stuff that they can’t get in the stores regularly.”

If passed into law, Texans could also start buying beer and wine from convenience and grocery stores like Phoenicia Foods starting at 10 a.m. on Sundays instead of 12 p.m.

While customers and sports fans highly anticipate the extra two hours to "pregame" Sunday Funday, it’s the retailers who will ultimately reap the greatest benefit.

"This would help get more people to go and watch soccer," said David Copeland.

"If they’re tailgating or going to something that they need to pick up beer on the way, 10 o’clock seems reasonable to me,” said Vicki Rhodes.

"I think it’s time that we consider offering beer a lot earlier on Sundays," said Ann-Marie Tcholakian, owner of Phoenicia Foods. "We’re ready and I think Houstonians are ready, and I think Texas is ready.”

The Sunday rule will not apply to liquor stores since they are not allowed to operate that day.

The bill will head to the Texas Senate next for consideration.