Gun jugging is on the rise in Houston

On Tuesday, the Houston Police Department arrested two men on a rising practice called gun jugging. 

Now, gun clubs are saying it’s important to be cautious transporting your guns because criminals are watching. 

“They’re actually staking out your vehicle, waiting for you to leave your guns unattended inside your vehicle,” says Armondo Clark, Training manager at Athena Gun Club. “It happens so fast.”

HPD has arrested 19-year old Braylon Holland and 18-year-old Erick Hill. 

Police say the two followed the victim from a gun range off of 10800 Katy Freeway to a retail store at 2300 South State Highway 6. As the victim went inside, the suspects parked directly behind the victim’s SUV, smashing out the back window and taking two gun cases from the back seat.

“When you’re leaving a place like this [a gun range] you have to look at your surroundings.”

Armondo Clark, a gun trainer at the Athena Gun Club says, it’s important to keep an eye on your guns at all times. 

“We’ve had a couple of people say they left the gun club and walked just into a corner store and when they came out their stuff was gone. These people are watching.”

Clark recommends a gun safe for your car if you do not plan on going directly home from a gun store, gun range or gun club.

Both suspects, Braylon Holland and Erick Hill have been charged with engaging in organized crime and theft of a firearm, which are both felonies.