Guillen family attorney speaks on why more people could face charges

While the investigation continues, the family of Vanessa Guillen has been waiting for answers as to what happened at Fort Hood the day she was attacked and murdered.

FOX 26 spoke with Natalie Khawam, the Guillen family’s attorney. She tells us it’s a very difficult time for the family, and that they constantly share memories about Vanessa.

Khawam says the only way they will get justice is by getting answers as to why it took more than two months to find out what happened to Vanessa.

“Who was covering up for the crime, you know, when you see the three NCOs that were in the parking lot, that said they saw her at 1 o’clock. She was never in the parking lot! Everybody is reporting that wrong, she was never seen in the parking lot, that was made up. We know she was killed in the armory room. So there’s no 1 o’clock, and then they change the story to 11:30, why did they even change their story? Why aren’t they suspects? That was part of a cover-up.”

Khawam says there is more to Vanessa’s disappearance than the involvement of Aaron Robinson, and Cecily Aguilar. She believes more people at Fort Hood could end up faces charges.

“Where is this coming from? Are these a bunch of people on the ground, at the base covering up for each other, or is this coming from the command? Is this order coming from above? To lie, and make false statements?”

Robinson took his life last week when he was approached by police, and Aguilar was arrested for assisting with the disposal of Guillen’s body.

Vanessa had mentioned to her family that she was being sexually harassed on base.

While the investigation continues, Khawam has been busy drafting a bill in Vanessa’s honor, to ensure members of the military feel protected to speak out against their harassers, while remaining anonymous.

“She will always be alive in all of us, because, you know, this is something that we can all be part of, you know, not just the victims, the I am Vanessa Guillen victims, but everybody can be a part of this. Everybody can be a part of the support of this legislation, and the support of, you know, doing the right thing for our military members.”

Khawam will be flying out to Houston on Wednesday to spend time with the Guillen family and assist in Vanessa’s funeral preparations.