Grandfather asks for public's help in home invasion that left his son dead as grandson watched

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After a home invasion, a family said they now live each day in terror.

In an exclusive interview with Fox 26’s Angela Chen, the grandfather revealed what happened during the murder that happened in front of his three-year-old grandson in northwest Houston on Sunday.

Jaime Cantu, Sr. was getting ready for bed when he said he heard a crash in the living room.
His son and grandson were staying with him. When he opened his bedroom door, he says a stranger lunged at him.

“When I threw him off, my wife's over here, and I'm trying to get her out of the line of fire so he backed up and pulled the gun out. He shot at me and I felt that bullet go through here,” said Jaime Cantu, Sr., the father of the victim killed, as he gestured past his ear.

Jaime said he retreated into his bedroom and had his wife hide in the closet.
When he re-emerged, his heart shattered.

“I turned back out to go to the living room and I turn to my right ...they blew my son's head and my grandson…was standing right there,” said Cantu, Sr.

His three-year-old grandson had watched his own father die.

Houston police said two armed suspects came up to the door, shot at Jaime Cantu, Jr. as well as his father before running away.

“My son was barely trying to breathe, facedown, and my grandson is standing right there. So I ran out and I couldn't see nothing,” said Cantu, Sr. “They were gone.”

The parents believe the suspects were there to rob their son.

Cantu, Sr. said one of the last things he heard his son say was "That's all I got."

“I feel bad because I think that maybe I could have done more, the grandbaby, trying to save my wife. I couldn't save my son, that's my only son, my firstborn, and he loves his kids. I've never seen a dad love his kids like he does,” said Cantu, Sr.

But in his death, hope for others. Jaime Cantu, Jr. was an organ donor. On Thursday, his family met with Fox 26 at Methodist Hospital where they were saying their last goodbyes as doctors prepared Cantu Jr.’s body for organ donation.

“That’s what they're doing now,” said Cantu, Sr., as he waited outside Methodist Hospital. “They removed his heart, [and] put it in another patient that needs it. They took his life; he's giving somebody else life. That's how unselfish he was.”

The family said they are desperate for any information that will help find these murderers.

If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS. There is a reward for information that leads to an arrest.