Governor Abbott announces new funds to combat violent crimes

It’s been about two weeks since the tragic shooting at Haverstock Hill Apartments left two dead and four others injured. A Sunday evening at a place many called home, turned deadly. Since, friends have put up a memorial for the two men that died.

Will Travis says, "you know Wayne was a good person, Chris is too, if y'all was to see them, they would look out for you".

This complex was one of many places Governor Greg Abbott mentioned in a press conference on Monday. He also announced funding $500,000 to his criminal justice division to help combat gang violence in Harris County.

"Harris County has the largest number of gangs and convicted gang members in Texas, Harris County has the highest number of repeat serial violent crime offenders", says Governor Abbott.

Governor Abbott says the money will specifically go towards using federal, state and local law enforcement to target the areas of town where violent crime and gang is happening. Houston police Chief Art Acevedo commented on the governor's announcement stating, "Support from the Criminal Justice Division of the Governor's Office to reduce violent gang crime shows support to the hard working men and women of our federal, state and local law enforcement community who dedicate themselves each day to serve our citizens through crime prevention, response and assistance."

For Michael Thomas and Will Travis they say, they are tired of seeing this kind of crime affect their community and that they are ready to see change.

"How can we make a change, by prayer and by standing together, for you to believe in the right thing, the truth, not make the same mistakes we've made in the past as a unit of people, but to be out and reach out to the communities, to reach out for the children", says Thomas.

"I just wanted to tell you, you know Harris County, if we come together we are going to be somebody, but if we stay a part we're not going to be nothing, we really only got one life to live, so we really got to enjoy that", says Travis.

Governor Abbott also states that in 2016 the Harris County violent crime rate increased by more than 10% percent, which includes murder, rape, robbery and assault.