Good Samaritans help neighbor whose bike was stolen

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Every afternoon, Joel Romo knows his neighbor Robert Hill will come rolling home to his apartment in Baytown after work.

“Everyday I see him and he’s happy,” said Romo. The two of them have developed such a special bond that not even words are needed.

“We do the best we can to talk to each other,” explained Romo.

On Wednesday, Joel knew something was wrong.

“I hear my neighbor yelling and so I was like, ‘That’s kind of odd for him to yell,’” recalled Romo. “So, I went to go check on him, and he was telling me that someone was taking his bike.”

Joel tried running after the thieves but wasn’t able to catch up to them.

Neighbor Suzette Andrew heard the commotion and saw Robert was devastated.

“It just grabbed my heart and I had to do something about it,” Andrew told FOX 26 News. She and Romo decided to team up. They quickly agreed they had to get Robert a new bike.

“I found the perfect one at the first place I stopped and right away, we got it packed up,” added Andrew.

Now, Robert has a new set of wheels. The gesture moved Robert’s sister to tears.

“Y’all some good people, good neighbors,” said Cynthia Hill.

“I didn’t know that he was deaf but he reads lips and he was motioning with his lips about how happy he was,” said Andrew. His neighbors also have new sense of community.

“It’s just a wonderful feeling. You should always do something nice for somebody. Just for the sake of it,” she concluded.

Robert is now using a lock for his bike and takes it inside his apartment at night.