Good Samaritan pays for strangers' groceries

During a routine Saturday run to her HEB store off Hwy 6 in Bear Creek, Charlotte Smith said she thought a man in his 40s standing by checkout was just trying to pass by.

Instead, she was surprised by what he said next. 

"He said I would like to pay towards your grocery bill and I just looked because I was stunned," Smith said. 

Her cashier, Elizabeth Rodriguez had witnessed the man on a mission all afternoon. Through it all, he never once gave up his name.

"He would just come up to the register every time a customer would be ready to pay. He would just give them money and be like oh, just a little good deed I want to do," Rodriguez said.  

HEB store manager, Spencer Watts reviewed surveillance video to try and figure out who exactly is this mystery, good samaritan. 

"You could see him just walking back and forth up and down. We have about 12 registers here and he was just picking and choosing who he thought could use some help. And he was just paying for transactions one after the other," Watts said. 

"One of the customers said he thinks he might’ve been a baseball player or a former baseball player. Somebody affiliated with the sports league. We don't know exactly who it was. None of us reviewing the video recognized him," Watts continued.  

"He had an accent. I don't know if it was a South American accent or maybe the Caribbean. I’m not quite sure. But he had an afro, a curly afro and he was light complected, fair-skinned," Smith described. 

HEB believes the man may have spent up to a $1,000 paying for multiple shoppers' tabs.

It may have been a small amount to him, but for so many others on the receiving end, his selfless actions were inspiring in a time of a global pandemic. 

"It gave me a sense of hope that there are still people out there that are still thinking of others. He didn't know that I didn't need it. But you never know what you need," Smith said.  

Smith said while she's still blessed with a job and is not in any financial trouble at the moment, she appreciated the kind gesture and is now inspired to pay it forward.