"Golf Fore Kids": Raising funds for sick kids in Houston

    Your thoughts may be on Halloween decorations and costumes since it's October, but a local family already has their sights on making the holidays brighter for sick children. 
    Now they're hoping to get our community involved. Dr. Shawn Taher is a Chiropractor and owner of Body Balance Chiropractic. He's on a mission to not only help "his" patients feel better, but also children in the hospital during Christmastime.  That takes early planning! "We want to find a way of giving back and for a lot of kids who are sick, it's already disheartening to hear that, it's even worse to have to spend Christmas in the hospital, and we do what we can to brighten up everyone's Christmas," says Dr. Taher. 
    "In the past ten years, we've been doing this!  It's our way to teach our kids to give, especially for children not feeling well.  They're in the hospital not sitting at home, by the fireplace, waiting for Santa to bring them gifts," says Dr. Taher's wife, Heather. She and her husband both relied on charities to give them toys when they were children, so they clearly understand the importance of giving back.  "My family and I integrated from Vietnam, so coming here we didn't have much to begin with.  All of the money that came in went to rent or to put food on the table, so toys were basically a luxury.  Most of my gifts were jeans and shirts, but I was grateful to have that, to not have to wear them over and over and wash them on a daily basis, but anytime I got a toy from a charity, it definitely brightened me up for a year.  That toy I'd play with for an entire year," says Dr. Taher. 
    This giving family had a tough time getting donations last year because they, along with everyone in their community, were dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.    For the first time, they're holding a fundraiser to make their toy drive bigger and better than ever. They're urging others to "Golf FORE Toys".  "I'm actually the golf tournament director - he asked me to do that and what a great cause!  I couldn't be more excited!  When you look at the reason we're going out there.  I love golf and I can take that love for golf and help people with that!  Two of my sons' lives were saved by Texas Children's, so that's why it's so important to me!  So, we'll not only be around great people, but help the Children's Miracle Network at Children's Hospital," explains Dan Mathieu, the Golf Tournament Director.      
    Dr. Taher's patients, like Woody Williams, even got on board to help!  "It means the world to me - like Dan said, I love to golf, I love kids, and my son had some emergencies a few years ago, so I know the importance of making those kids happy, especially around Christmas, when it's supposed to be the happiest time of the year," says Woody, who has become the Director of Dr. Taher's new foundation called Body Balance Foundation.  All of the proceeds will go through the Children's Miracle Network to benefit Texas Children's Hospital westside campus.    
    Dr. Taher's son, Brandon, can't wait to deliver gifts again this year.  He doesn't even want to imagine being in the hospital on Christmas.  "I would feel low, devastated, but excited if someone surprised me. I'd be really happy," he exclaims.   
     "Golf Fore Toys" is Monday, Oct. 29th at Woodforest Golf Club in Montgomery.  You can golf with Roger Clemens, NHL star Brad May, Lead singer for 80's band Loverboy Mike Reno, and a few more surprise guests.