Girl who had rare form of meningitis happy to attend high school prom

From head to toe no detail was too small to be left out when Jade Gilbert got ready for her high school prom.

"The shoes were just regular old shoes and I just decided to customize them and bling them", says Gilbert.

Her mom curled her hair and helped add the finishing touches.

But Jade's story started many years ago. When she was just two, she was diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis.

"They didn't have a vaccine for it so she didn't get that vaccine but it happened, she ended up with that disease, it was such a rare occasion and they really didn't know how to diagnose it when it started attacking the body and she ended up losing both legs and all ten fingers, it was very serious", says her mother Roycenett Gilbert.

Jade has used her experiences to spread awareness to the illness, but Friday night it was probably the last thing on her mind getting ready for the big dance.

Soon after putting on her custom dress, her date arrived.

Gilbert says she plans on going to college in the fall and wants to become an anesthesiologist. For all the times they helped her, she will one day be able to help return the favor to others.

"I've had 11 surgeries so far, and for every single one of them I would probably go in just a little bit nervous and the one thing that would always just calm me down the most is just speaking to an anesthesiologist before hand, being able to see their face when I wake up and telling me that everything went smoothly", says Jade Gilbert.