Generous supporters respond to Houston Humane Society pet food plea

What a difference that 48 hours and big hearts can make in contrast to the bare cupboards at the Houston Humane Society on Wednesday.

"It’s been phenomenal,” said Houston Humane Society spokesman Monica Schmidt. “Houston and our surrounding communities have really stepped up to help the Humane Society in a time of great need.”

Generous FOX 26 viewers from all over the Houston area have been buying pet food on Amazon or dropping it off at the shelter.    

“There’s a lot of people that need help too but a lot of them choose not to have that help -- dogs don’t have a choice,” said Dean Sampson, who donated food to the shelter.

“Actually, we first saw your report on FOX 26,” said Nicholas Berkley with Natural Pawz, which donated 1,000 pounds of pet food. “We kind of want to lead the charge to get Houstonians to donate food to the Humane Society.”

The Houston Humane Society says this huge outpouring of generosity has been overwhelming. The staff there are hoping and praying that big-hearted Houston-area residents will keep on giving.

“We would love to have people make this part of their routine,” said Schmidt. “Maybe once a month, they drop off a bag of food or they set up their Amazon account and set it on their calendar to order a bag once a month or you can also set up an online donation where the cost of a bag of food comes out of your account and earmarked directly into our food campaign.”

To donate to the Houston Humane Society, please visit