Furr High School principal temporarily relieved of duties

She's credited with a major turnaround at Furr High School, but Principal Dr. Bertie Simmons has been temporarily relieved of her duties.

Simmons' attorney gave us a copy of a note sent from HISD’s superintendent that accuses her of sticking firm to the student dress code, and that someone says she verbally threatened students with a baseball bat. Her attorney says those allegations are false and is demanding she be re-instated as principal.

Doctor Simmons is a witty little lady who came out of retirement back in 2000 to take on Furr High School and completely turned around the program, from a 50 percent graduation rate to nearly 90 percent back in May.  Part of her plan was to help out the gang members, not turn her back on them.

She was on the Factor back in May of this year. Watch the video to see what she had to say.