Funeral director and daughter lose temper after child custody trial

The nine-day trial didn't go the way Noe Santana wanted.

He was hoping the jury would give him sole custody of the six-year-old daughter he had with former mistress, Marcella Ortiz.

Santana, director of Santana Funeral Home, initiated the trial. When he lost, he and his daughter took their frustration out on reporter Randy Wallace.

Santana knocked the microphone from my hand and kicked it so hard he fell in the process.

"You ruined my life!" his daughter exclaimed above the chaos. 

A number of disturbing allegations were leveled against Santana during the trial. Five women testified Santana touched them inappropriately when they were under age. There were also allegations that he groped dead bodies, sent videos of cremations to people, and allowed his six-year-old daughter to play around the crematory.

It took the jurors only an hour to unanimously decide to give sole custody to the girl's mother, Marcella Ortiz.

"The things they have accused me of were just horrible, and this goes to show justice has been served," Ortiz said. "Most of all, my baby Sophia is coming home."

Santana and his daughter Becky's reaction when asked for a comment shocked veteran family law attorney Julie Ketterman, who represented Ortiz.

"I've never seen an attack or an outrage in the 20 years I've been doing this as we just witnessed," Ketterman said.