Funding public education in Texas - What's Your Point?

 A special edition of What's Your Point focused on education. Panelists joining Greg Groogan in the discussion include: Jessica Colon, Nyanza Moore, Bob Price, Tomaro Bell, Dustin Rynders, and Antonio Diaz.

For the first time in a long time, a genuine consensus has bridged the partisan divide in the Texas Legislature. That is Texas must do more, invest more, commit more, demand more of public education

With the presentation of two deeply troubling facts, Governor Abbott capsulized the urgency for action. Here's the problem. Only about 40% of third graders are reading at the third grade level by the time they finish the third grade. Not surprisingly. Less than 40% of students that took the ACT or the SAT were prepared to go on to college. Lawmakers, both Republican and Democrat appear poised to reform the way Texas funds public education. A process that will almost certainly inject additional billions in Texas schools and improve pay for those on the front line, our state's classroom teachers.