From oil to Uber: Man's story reflects impact of fall in oil & gas industry

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The oil bust has hit Houston especially hard with thousands of oil & gas pros still out of work.

Carter Beasley, who's worked in over 30 countries, is now behind the wheel driving for Uber in Houston. 

The oil & gas bust has left more than 80,000 Texans, and more than 350,000 workers worldwide, without jobs.  

“It’s a really bad environment right now,” said Beasley.

The 66-year-old energy veteran was laid off 9 months ago from two different companies after 11 years working in Argentina. 

“I think mine was kind of a double whammy because Latin America went bad and the oil business went bad at the same time,” he said.  Now the successful "deal-maker" is making new deals on his 4-wheels.  “Uber. über ales. I drive Uber,” said Beasley.

Sitting at home working on his resume and waiting didn't cut it. So between occasional consulting, phone interviews and meeting with recruiters, he picks up passengers, knowing it could be a while until he gets back in the oil & gas game. 

“It helps fill in the gaps pay for the extra stuff,” he said.  In other words, he goes to work.  “It validates you as a man. I know it's an old fashioned attitude.”

Attitude.  Carter's is positive and patient. 

“It's just a matter of time.  It's a matter of when more than if to me because I just have too much to offer,” he said.