Fort Hood Alpaca farm helps young cancer patients in Texas

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Declan Davenport finished cancer treatment at MD Anderson, and now his parents, William and Kati are doing everything they can to help other patients and their families at MD Anderson.  That includes using proceeds from "Alpaca My Bags Artillery Creek Alpacas and Farm" in Kempner, Texas.  That's near Fort Hood.  They run a bed and breakfast there and also make alpaca balls, using alpaca wool, to use as a natural replacement for dryer sheets. They also hold painting parties with the alpacas, to raise funds.  

Declan was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma that metastasized in his lungs.  He had 17 rounds of high-dose chemotherapy and 31 rounds of radiation.  It was a tough thing for his family to go through.  They realized that bringing happiness to other families in the hospital is something they'd sure like to do!  They travel to Houston for Declan's follow-up scans every three months and try to serve a nice dinner to families and medical workers ast MD Anderson, when they're in town.  Then, they're ready to go back to their farm that they call an escape, their paradise.

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