Fort Bend County Sheriffs Office investigates murder suicide

In a quiet cul-de-sac at the back of a neighborhood in Fort Bend County, the sheriffs office investigates what they are calling a murder suicide.

The couple living inside the home, police say, were Daniel Burroughs, 60 and his wife Sherilyn Gordon Burroughs, 47. Officials say a call came in late Sunday morning from a concerned family member.

"A family member out of state called because he had called her making some vague strange comments so police came out here to try to make contact and were unable to do so with him or her", says detective David Williams.

While the Fort Bend County Sheriffs Office came out to the scene, neighbors tell us they received reverse 911 calls. "The sheriffs office called us and said, they warned us not to come anywhere near here and they said they might evacuate these houses", says Stephen Stark.

At one point the communication between Daniel Burroughs and the sheriffs office stopped, so they decided to use a ram attached to a vehicle to make entry.

"Our swat team was called it and put on standby and at one point they decided LOOK we need to go in and check and that was somewhere around 3:30 in the afternoon when they made entry and found both people deceased", says detective Williams.

Inside they say found Daniel Burroughs had died because of a self inflected gunshot wound. They also say they believe Daniel killed his wife the night before.

Neighbors say they were shocked to hear what happened. "I was pretty shocked, you hear about that stuff on the news but you never expect it to happen near you, this is a pretty nice neighborhood so I never thought that would happen", says Stark.

The Fort Bend County Sheriffs Office officials also say the couple had a 3-year-old child, but were uncertain whether or not that child was home at the time this happened.