Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department investigates suspected murder suicide

A 6-month-old baby is found unharmed in a Richmond apartment where his parents were discovered dead. 

Fort Bend County investigators say it was a murder suicide.  Deputies stopped by to do a welfare check on the couple this morning and that's when they made the terrible discovery.

It was a family member who worried something was wrong there at the Echelon apartments on West Bellfort Street in Richmond and asked Fort Bend County Sheriff's deputies to check.  ”When deputies arrived they heard a child trying inside but no other noise inside the residence so they made forced entry and they found two adults that were deceased,” explains Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Sgt. Dalia Simons.

Investigators believe the man killed his girlfriend, then himself, leaving their 6-month-old son crying and alone.  In the year and a half they were together, this isn't the first time deputies responded to their apartment.  There is a record of a previous domestic violence call.

Just as more victims are speaking out against sexual harassment, Chau Nguyen with the Houston Area Women's Center hopes this is also the time domestic abuse victims seek help and speak out as well.

“Listen and support them without judgement and let them know help is available.  It is available through agencies like ours.  We have a 24/7 hotline,” says Nguyen.  The Houston Area Women’s Center Domestic Violence Hotline phone number is 713-528-2121.

Nguyen says the most important and perhaps life saving measure someone in an abusive relationship can take is allowing a professional to help come up with a safety plan to leave.  She says you can get help securing a safety plan by calling the hotline.  “We're free and confidential and we'll always offer the resources they need,” Nguyen explains.

As for the couple found dead in Richmond.  Deputies aren't yet releasing their names.  Their 6 month old baby boy is now with relatives.