Fort Bend County residents say contractor ripped them off and they want to warn others

"I hired him to extend my deck around my pool," said Kelly Theisen.

Theisen says when she first met with Randy Cook, president of Cook Construction, he told her to ignore negative Facebook posts about his business.

"I wish that I would have looked into it more it turned out to be pretty accurate," she said.

Theisen says Cook didn't finish the job and what he did do is subpar.

In a phone interview, Blake Phillips told us he paid Randy Cook $18,000 to build an outdoor kitchen and do a roof extension.

He says months went by before Cook even showed up.

"Finally it got to the point where I said enough is enough," Phillips said.

"The excuses are endless," Theisen said. "He says that his family is sick, he says his mom is in the hospital, anyone is going to feel bad to hear that, so I tried to be understanding, but after it went on and on for a couple of months, I was like ok this guy is lying."

"Originally it was the weather's bad, there are storms coming and then his family was sick then he would stop messaging me all together. I would call, he wouldn't answer," said Kimberly Leatherwood, another of Cook's unhappy customers.

There's some 20 unhappy customers of Randy Cook's that share similar stories on

We went to a residence in Missouri City that is the business location for Cook Construction listed online.

No one answered the door.

We called the phone number listed on the internet for Cook Construction and that number was disconnected.

"There is no licensing for contractors, so it's something you have to research and check yourself to make sure you're hiring someone that is legitimate," said Leah Napolielo with the Better Business Bureau.

"Get a real job, don't take money from people trying to improve their homes," Theisen said.

"I do hope he rights his wrongs with everybody whatever way that may be," said Leatherwood.

We could have interviewed even more unhappy customers but we ran out of time.

Randy Cook if you're out there we really want to hear your side of the story.